About Us

For almost 40 years, the Courtney Davis name has been synonymous with excellence in the art-licensing world.  Representing artists whose creative work is used to enhance everything from furniture and various home furnishings to gift, fabric and paper products.  Courtney Davis Inc. is committed to maintaining high standards for our artists while working successfully with industry leaders building and developing product for today’s consumer.


How to submit your artwork for consideration

Welcome to the world of art licensing and your interest in Courtney Davis, Inc. The success of our business is based on the strength of the existing artists we represent as well as new talent that we find interesting for today’s marketplace.

Strengths of Courtney Davis:

1. We pride ourselves in maintaining a relatively small base of licensed artists, which allows us the opportunity to focus on, and fully develop each artist that we represent.

2. At Courtney Davis, we work with over 300 different manufacturers in designing and developing artwork and product plans for success. Our team of account executives, along with an in-house graphic design team is poised to assist in this process.

3. The key to our success is in our relationships with our customers. Years of building successful partnerships with key manufacturers often lead to future success. These relationships don’t happen without dedication.

4. Communication is extremely important. A key to any successful partnership stems from the communication developed and maintained. We offer a streamlined approach and feel our style of conducting business on a daily basis is what puts us above the competition.

We welcome the opportunity to review your body of work. We ask that you please send us a representation of your artwork via a jpeg or PDF file or send us a link to your website. Please forward these files to info@courtneydavis.com

It is important that you show a large variety of images. PLEASE, DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK to our office in Franklin, Tennessee. We meet monthly as a committee to review all submissions. Once we have completed our evaluation process, we will be contacting you.

Thank you again for your interest in Courtney Davis and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing your wonderful artwork.


Sam Abell is the President/CEO of Courtney Davis Inc. Sam joined Courtney Davis in 2005 after a 20+ year marketing and product development career in the paper and apparel industry. Sam is a brand builder and product development specialist with key insight to retail development. Sam brings retail relationships and category knowledge that gives Courtney Davis yet another advantage.

Sales & New Business Development. Each of our business and category managers are hard working professionals who are relationship managers. They work with each account season after season in developing licensed products that are a compliment to their core business while adding value and products that sell.

Shannon Goodwin: Account Executive | Kate Schreiber: Account Executive

Creative Development. Our creative team manages the art and art development process making the transition to our licensing partners quick and efficient. This is the Courtney Davis advantage.

Kim Flory: Creative Director

Financial & Legal Services. Our financial, legal and operational team keeps the machine well oiled with timely financial data, contracts and addendums all moving in the right direction.

Carol Abell: Contract Executive


Betty Whiteaker
Chad Barrett
Danielle Murray
Greg Gorham
Holly Thomas Stein
Jackie Quigley
Jennifer Pugh
Jenny Faw
Joy Hall
Kimberly Poloson
Linda Nelson Stocks
Lisa Kaus
LoriLynn Simms
Lowell Herrero
Nicole Tamarin
Sheryl Mochizuki
Susan Winget
Suzanne Nicoll
Tim Coffey
Warren Kimble